Project Planning & Directing

In the publishing industry, projects often develop dimensions far beyond the initial task. Multi-layer planning and control taking account of all factors, is therefore required, directing the process at all times consistently towards the real financial objectives. This planning and its strict implementation are ultimately decisive for the ROI of the project.
Kai Rutkowski is in the project business for over 20 years. He contributes maximum experience to the responsible direction of publishing projects in various roles. His ability to motivate and lead project teams precisely in difficult situations has been proved many times. In project management, he relies on PRINCE2 because it is guided like no other method by the financial objectives of a project.
Kai Rutkowski can ensure the necessary focus on the objectives especially well in the role of project assurance or project support. As project assurance, he ensures that the interests of the client are primary during the entire duration. This is achieved inter alia by continuous review of the project’s progress and of the business case. Methodological risk management also facilitates the early identification of problems and the taking of the necessary countermeasures. In project support, he supports the project head and the team managers on all questions of project management. Emphasis in that case is on the continuous structuring and planning of the project. In particularly critical cases, Kai Rutkowski also takes over the role of responsible external project head and directs the project himself.
The requirements on structuring and control are once again clearly increased if major initiatives go beyond the limits of a single project. For such a challenge, arising for example in the course of a merger or complete realignment, program management is the correct solution. It enables the direction of the existing project portfolio under one umbrella – the program. Kai Rutkowski as program manager or in the role of program assurance concentrates above all on the achievement of the strategic business objectives which are the actual reason for the projects being conducted. From this perspective, he ensures reasonable distribution of the existing resources over the individual projects. The methods employed by him facilitate the diagnosis at any time as to whether the benefits aimed at in the overall project will be achieved and are consistent with the business strategy and the operational environment.

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