Outsourcing / Rightsourcing

The outsourcing of technologies (ITO and processes BPO) is no longer merely a cost efficiency instrument. Specialised service providers give access to the latest knowledge, innovative services and flexible availability practically around the clock. However, outsourcing issues in the publishing industry, unlike in other businesses, arise at many levels, because the development of digital products and manufacturing innovations are so closely linked to each other. In addition, skilful strategic bundling of capacities and IT infrastructure internally particularly in major publishing houses can open very attractive revenue sources in which the publishing house itself can be a service provider to smaller competitors.
In this scenario, Kai Rutkowski, as an industry insider with profound IT knowledge and comprehensive outsourcing experience, provides fundamental and reliable analyses as to whether an outsourcing is in fact worthwhile for the relevant business. The second assessment which is likewise indispensable, answers the question of whether the business is at present at all ready for outsourcing, since only if defined service levels, transparent cost structures and compatible business and IT service management processes exist can an outsourcing be professionally set up.
If outsourcing is decided on, an extensive analysis of the situation including contracts, assets, infrastructure, service levels and employees goes hand in hand with an extensive organisation and process review and the identification of appropriate service providers. On the basis of the results, Kai Rutkowski drafts the structure for the future outsourcing which contains the framework for the performance and monitoring of the services which are required, the remuneration and the incentive system for the service provider and the draft of a service level agreement.
Based thereon, the service provider is selected by tender which Kai Rutkowski structures and monitors. The as-is and the to-be situations are documented in the invitation to tender. A corresponding matrix facilitates the objective comparison of the quotations received.
Since not only the outsourcing itself, but also the efficient employment of the resources remaining in the business are important for the overall success for the project, Kai Rutkowski concentrates also on the transformation of the retained organisation. Processes and organisation are optimised both from the point of view of infrastructure as well as application. Finally, he also supports the publishing house in the transformation and transition phase and assists the sourcing management.
For the considerable demands imposed on publishers by an IT outsourcing project, Kai Rutkowski has developed an outsourcing framework and a procedural model, which have been repeatedly vindicated, on the basis of DIN Spec 1401 – outsourcing of technology oriented knowledge intensive services (T-KIBS) together with experienced partners.