IT Integration (PMI)

The integration of IT platforms in the course is an important factor of the integration of a company which has been taken over. This is true in particular for the IT intensive media industry because the efficiency of all value adding stages – from editorial to sales, from purchase to personnel – depends very significantly on a suitable IT basis. A successful integration of two IT worlds must exploit synergy potential, guarantee efficient business processes and ensure that the business of publishing remains on schedule even in the transition phase.
Kai Rutkowski has successfully planned and directed the consolidation of IT environments in various post-merger integration projects. He follows a process oriented approach. Even before the closing, he develops, together with the publisher, a draft IT integration plan in which the degree of integration aimed at is determined and the harmonisation of the systems, reduction of locations and platforms used as well as the potential synergies achievable by sourcing concepts are investigated.
This pre-closing plan is developed at the beginning of the post-merger integration phase into a detailed IT integration plan. The architecture of the future IT environment is determined and a schedule for the implementation of IT integration defined.
Kai Rutkowski contributes his know how and his implementation strength until the IT integration is successfully completed. This takes place ideally while acting as project assurance or project support. In the first case, concentration is on the continuous checking of the business case and the progress of the project as well as on risk management. In the second case, he supports the project leader and team managers in all project managing issues. In certain constellations, Kai Rutkowski also adopts the position of responsible external project leader and directs the project himself. In all these functions, Kai Rutkowski optimally contributes his decades of project experience and expertise in the areas of process management, system integration, system architecture and IT strategies.