Development of IT Strategy

Complex historical burdens, obsolete demands, waste of capacity on tasks which would be better performed by outsourcing or in the cloud: in many publishing houses the IT consumes major resources but provides no more than suboptimal administration. An overall IT strategy does not only solve these problems but facilitates the development and rapid implementation of new business models on the basis of compatible and tighter systems. Many publishing houses are at present drafting a road map from print to digital.
Since IT and business strategies are so closely linked to each other, Kai Rutkowski’s double qualification as publishing and IT expert is particularly valuable. He is an acknowledged expert on the architecture of publishing systems and on all that relevant system suppliers provide. He is, because of his experience of many system evaluations, system introductions, outsourcing projects, post merger IT integration, IT service management projects and business impact analyses, the first choice IT partner for German and international publishing houses. Together with the client, he develops a road map of the IT required by the company’s business strategy including outsourcing potential and therefore exploiting the full benefit of the investment. His excellence in this area is documented by many reference projects.
In recent years, Kai Rutkowski is also prominent as a lecturer on the subject, including at the Ifra/BDZV event “Zeitungsfabrik” and ppi Open Day 2007 and 2010.