Business Process Management

Especially in the rapidly changing media industry, it is an important competitive advantage if one’s organisation can rapidly and flexibly be adjusted to the current environment. Typical challenges are, for example, the introduction of new products and services, a change of business model, close involvement of cooperation partners, mergers and takeovers or outsourcings. Optimising business processes is, however, an excellent method of reducing costs and increasing quality even without such concrete occasions.
Kai Rutkowski is an established specialist for business process optimisation in publishing houses. An analysis of the as-is situation, in the form of interviews and process workshops together with the customer (contextual inquiry) identifies the processes, the current distribution of work and capacity as well as weaknesses and potential. On this basis, Kai Rutkowski develops a concept of the situation to be aimed at, starting from a process depth and corresponding tools compatible with the task. The business processes, the organisation structure aimed at and the demands on the IT system resulting from the changes are specified therein.
In the course of the implementation, which Kai Rutkowski supports as coach and/or in various project management functions, important objectives are achieved. The process quality improves by the definition of clear responsibilities and the introduction of common standards for all sections of the business. Quicker processing with fewer points of contact improve the efficiency. At the same time, the transparency of processes and of costs behind the business processes is increased.
Ever more businesses recognise a further competitive advantage in the continuous optimisation of their business and introduce business process management (BPM). BPM ensures a constant high quality and efficiency of processes, i.e. a continuous active management of the business processes. The modelling and implementation of changes takes place on the basis of documentation of business processes which is up-to-date at all times in an independent process circulation with the phases:

planning → implementation → review → acting.

Kai Rutkowski participates in all necessary planning and implementation steps for the introduction of permanent business process management.