viamedia consulting is managed by Kai Rutkowski and has successfully worked for many years with a network of highly qualified colleagues all of whom have considerable experience in the publishing industry and contribute specific management, legal and methodical know-how to projects and change processes.

Kai Rutkowski

Kai Rutkowski is among the leading acknowledged consultants in demanding projects in the German and international publishing industry. His outstanding position is based on a combination of expertise and practical competence which together only very few consultants have. Kai Rutkowski is not only an expert but a doer.

On the basis of various dimensions of the critical project situation, it can be readily understood where and how he contributes his knowledge, capacity and wide experience.


Kai Rutkowski is over 20 years active as a consultant in the publishing industry. He knows the current market situation and requirements as well as the internal business processes on the optimisation of which he is specialised.


Kai Rutkowski acts as consultant on the basis of an unusually high methodical capacity. He masters a wide range of instruments further developed by him beyond the state of the art and covering almost all industries.


Kai Rutkowski is an acknowledged IT specialist. At the beginning of his career he was a developer of high availability solutions and later a system architect and integrator for manufacturers on the implementation of publishing systems. As an expert in all relevant systems and IT architecture in publishing houses, he can assess the technical feasibility of intended solutions and decide where IT as enabler establishes the necessary conditions in the first place.


Kai Rutkowski is a project manager with planning and implementation strengths distinguished by high methodical capacity, a unique range of experience and consistent pursuit of time, financial and qualitative project objectives.


Kai Rutkowski is known as an excellent mediator and conflict resolver. Apart from his communicative capacity, he contributes sensitivity to the various organisational and project cultures as has been proved in his various foreign projects in Eastern Europe, India, Canada and other countries.


Kai Rutkowski flexibly adopts the role to be filled in the actual project context. His contact partners in the publishing house are the management, IT and department heads for whom he plans the projects and processes. Depending on requirements, he entrusts the project direction to those responsible internally or performs it himself. He joins in a project himself if its collapse is threatened – as an experienced crisis manager and project reorganiser.

His project experience is comprehensibly described under Projects and you can find a detailed CV on  or .


Herbert Böhnke, Media & Management Böhnke Unternehmensberatung GmbH

Herbert Böhnke, owner of Media & Management Böhnke Unternehmensberatung, advises the industry for over twenty years. He is an expert for the efficient and flexible structuring of business processes as an effective method of cost reduction and specialises in reorganisation, restructuring, turnaround, outsourcing, and cooperation and joint ventures. More than 200 successful projects in the core areas of distribution, ads, editorial, logistic and publishing IT have benefitted from his managerial ability.

Dr. Andreas Leupold LL.M.

In the business community and in specialist circles Dr. Andreas Leupold LL.M. is well-known as a leading legal specialist for IT and Media law. His consulting consistently follows the economic targets and plans of the companies he advises. In addition to decades of legal experience and expert knowledge in the area of information technologies, his skills are enhanced by his tried and tested knowledge in project and risk management. On the basis of this he draws up project- and interest-oriented contracts, which provide his clients with legal, plan and cost security.

Leupold Rutkowski Consulting GmbH

leupold rutkowski consulting is specialised in result-oriented advice on Change Projects. Result-oriented means: their claim goes far beyond the most efficient possible processing of the project. They want to ensure that each of their clients derives the maximum financial benefit from his/her project.
What does a project need in order to become a financial success? To answer that question they have developed a new consultancy approach – clip! The acronym clip!stands for the four disciplines Change, Legal, IT and Process, which are so harmonised in their integrated project consultancy that the full potential benefit of a project is achieved. With clip! they ensure efficient project management and the achievement of the strategic objectives pursued.

Kai Rutkowski is co-founder of leupold rutkowski consulting.