IT Service Quality Improvement

Maximum service quality is demanded as publishing IT moves towards the media company of the digital age. Here the technological hub, where the various demands meet, is situated. New business models, change of business processes and innovative product ideas must be rapidly reflected in the IT system and without interruption of the business. Digital services for which a charge is made demand a high quality in areas which many publishing houses today do not even have. At the same time, the potential of the technological advance cannot be completely exploited without the integration of cloud or outsourced services. Directing external providers and checking their performance therefore belongs to the IT duties.
This multi-tasking whether vis-à-vis customers, internal service recipients and external service providers can only function if there are settled agreements as to what services with what availability and in what quality are to be provided. The services and the service levels must first be defined so that the service processes, the organisation and the technologies are the appropriate ones.
Kai Rutkowski relies for these tasks on the internationally recognised IT service management ITIL® v3 (IT Infrastructure Library®). His insider knowledge of business processes and the demands in publishing houses ensures that no overkill takes place. He concentrates on the areas of the framework actually relevant for the individual publishing house. The starting point for all solutions is a precise analysis – the existing IT service management processes are compared with the demands of the various departments and with ITIL v3 good practice.
The main processes for the service operation incident management, problem management, request fulfilment, change management, demand management and organisational structural and the service desk are the core elements organised by Kai Rutkowski in the first stage according to ITIL prescriptions. Depending on the definition of target process and target organisation, he advises on the selection of software for processing, on the preparation of the service level agreements and the introduction of a matrix for measuring the service level. By subsequent support during the introduction of the new service processes and the new organisational structure, Kai Rutkowski ensures that the IT service processes as all other solutions are implemented without interrupting the ongoing publishing operation.
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