Introduction of IT Systems

The introduction of IT systems is a critical moment in the publishing house. Usually, not only new functions are required, but behind the project there are changes desired to the working processes and the working organisation – for example, as a result of digital product innovation, in- or outsourcing or a merger. The high volume of changes in business processes and in the organisation requires the participation of many different interest groups and leads to a relatively long duration.
The real challenge in introducing a system is to plan the entire project far beyond the purely technical aspects and then keep it on course. Experience shows that planned project objectives which justify the project are often not, for supposedly compelling reasons, consistently pursued on the way to taking the IT system into operation. The commencement of operation on plan becomes the independent primary objective, time and budget is given the highest priority at the expense of quality. In fact, however, a course consistently directed at the actual objectives of the project is critical for the ROI.
Kai Rutkowski ensures, ideally in the role of project assurance or project support, that the necessary focus is maintained. In project assurance, he ensures that the interests of the principal are vindicated during the entire project. Continuous review of the business case and the progress of the project are the means to this end. Methodological risk management also enables early recognition and the taking of suitable measures. In project support, he supports the project leaders and the team managers on all questions of project management. Here the concentration is on the structuring and planning of the project. In certain cases, Kai Rutkowski also adopts the role of responsible external project leader and directs the project himself.
In all these functions, Kai Rutkowski contributes his many decades of project experience and specialist expertise in the areas of project management, system integration, system architecture and IT strategy. Many publishing houses and system manufacturers for whom he has introduced systems as project manager, program manager or project assurance have benefitted from his capacity for problem analysis and structuring of the essential tasks. Currently, he is responsible as project manager for the successful introduction of the distribution system SAP IS-M/SD for the sale and logistics of all newspapers and advertising publications of the largest German media group.