Analysis of current situation

All solutions offered by Kai Rutkowski, whether on business processes, organisational structures, working processes or IT systems begin with a fundamental analysis of the is-situation. He employs a number of very precise diagnostic instruments and acknowledged processes for an objective analysis.
These tools are also very appropriate for determining the location if a project is not yet even planned. Typical questions for a diagnosis of the as-is-situation are, for example, identifying efficiency deficits in certain publishing areas, quality problems, excessive costs, outsourcing considerations, or projects at risk. An independent but expert view of the situation by an unprejudiced expert identifies the causes behind the symptoms and facilitates a neutral comparison with good practice examples from the industry.
A contextual inquiry usually follows in the form of interviews and workshops on site, analysing the strengths – weaknesses – opportunities – threats (SWOT) initially. Kai Rutkowski submits the facts ascertained to a detailed analysis showing the weaknesses and potential. The result is a catalogue of measures to improve the situation, with classification and priority.

Kai Rutkowski has contributed his wide ranging experience in the assessment of publishers in the following project models:

    • Project audit in crisis
    • Assessing the benefits of existing IT systems (potential analysis)
    • Potential analysis business processes (editing, ads, publishing, production)
    • Business impact analysis
    • Assessment of economic benefits of outsourcing
    • Assessment of outsourcing readiness
    • Business Model Analysis

These analysis packages can be adapted to individual cases as separate services equally as determination of location.