Kai Rutkowski and his partners act on the basis of an unusually high methodical capacity. They are masters of a wide range of instruments mostly industry directed, which they employ in the description, development and direction of processes and projects. These standards are internationally recognised and have been vindicated in practice as unusually reliable for the achievement of strategic and financial objectives.

Project Management

We enable publishers to realise their projects according to the internationally recognises PRINCE2 standard which is employed in more than 150 countries. PRINCE2 is, unlike any other project management method, oriented on the financial objectives of the project. Four elements ensure a maximum protection of the investments made:

    • 1. Each product needs a watertight business case which justifies its existence from a management point of view.
    • 2. Integrated project management increases the reliability of the business case and optimises the cost benefit ratio of the project.
    • 3. The clear determination of performance objectives for all project dimensions enables comprehensive assessment of the status of the project at all times.
    • 4. During the implementation, a continuous comparison of the business case with the current framework, the results of the project already achieved and the overriding business objectives takes place.


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Programme Management

To guide an entire project portfolio under one umbrella – the program – we rely on the management method MSP® (Managing Successful Programmes). MSP aims at achieving the strategic business objectives which are the actual reasons for your project. MSP is seamlessly integrated with the project management method PRINCE2 and the risk management method M_o_R®.

If you would like to learn more about MSP, please visit www.msp-officialsite.com.

Risk Management

Our risk management is based on the internationally recognised method M_o_R® (Management of Risks). M_o_R is a process based framework suitable for the management of strategic operational and project risks. Risk management is an established component of our project and program management. Its employment increases the probability of success of the projects and ensures a clearly improved cost benefit ratio. Our methodical risk management can also be availed of as a separate service unrelated to a project.

If you wish to learn more about M_o_R please visitwww.mor-officialsite.com.

Business Process Management

For the graphic presentation of business processes we use the standard BPMN (Business Process Modeling and Notation) of the Business Process Management Initiative (BPMI). BPMN offers a single visual language for all participants in the project – from clerks to IT specialists up to managers. BPMN is related to the event-driven process chain (EPC) although its most recent development corrects some deficits of EPC. The descriptive BPMN process model can be transformed - for example according to BPEL (Business Process Execution Language) - directly into a practicable process.

For the documentation of the business processes, we rely mainly on the bizagi process modeller.

If you wish to learn more about bizagi please visit www.bizagi.com.

Business Model Generation

Our consultancy approach is based on the business model generation model of A. Osterwald and Y. Peigneur. With this process, business models are systematically described in nine steps and reflected on a business model canvas. The method enables a rapid analysis and evaluation of existing and new business models. The approach is very suitable for practitioners in publishing who wish to develop their subjects without great theoretical superstructure.

If you wish to learn more about Business Model Generation please view the authors’ two minute video www.YouTube.com or visit www.businessmodelgeneration.com.

IT Service Management

We rely on the internationally recognised process ITIL® v3. The IT Infrastructure Library® (ITIL) is a framework which summarises good practice in service management. The framework also includes the entire service life cycle, service strategy, service design, service transition, service operation and continual service improvement. Businesses throughout the world use ITIL v3 in order to develop and improve their capability in service management.

If you would like to learn more about ITIL® v3, please visit www.itil-officialsite.com.

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