Our advice is unconditionally directed towards the consistent pursuit of clearly defined strategic and economic objectives. We ensure that each of our customers derives the maximum benefit from his projects.
Our unique know-how combination of knowledge of the industry gathered over decades, profound understanding of IT and mastery of the business processes is acknowledged on the market. It ensures that all operational areas and all levels within publishing houses are set-up to meet requirements.
As consultant and team partner at eye-level, we implement IT projects, optimise business processes, lay down strategies and develop new business models. Based on our experience, we have developed high-performance process models for many problem areas. The application of internationally recognised and vindicated methods in project and change management adds to our proven strength in implementation.

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IT – Information Technology

From innovative technologies spring new business models, new business challenges create a need for change, or two different IT environments have to be integrated in the course of a merger – IT issues are typical of almost every change project. The success of the project crucially depends on knowledge of the IT-related parameters.

We have gained our knowledge by experience in

    • IT Strategy
    • IT Service Management
    • IT Business Continuity
    • Media Systems
    • ERP Systems
    • Evaluation of IT Systems

guiding IT projects as

    • IT Architect
    • IT Service Management AQdvisor
    • Project Manager/Programme Manager
    • Head of Project Officer
    • Head of Project Assurance
    • IT Risk Manager
    • IT/Technical Business Analyst
    • Business Requirements Engineer
    • Coach

We will be glad to provide references on request.

Business Processes

What is successful today, may be obsolete tomorrow – that even applies to existing business models. It is therefore an important competitive edge if business processes and organisation can be accommodated rapidly and flexibly to conditions prevailing at any given time. Detailed knowledge and active management of business processes and internal procedures are demanded.

We have acquired our experience of

    • Business Process Management
    • Analysis and documentation of business processes
    • Modelling and optimising business processes

by successfully guiding projects as

    • Process and Management Consultant
    • Interim Manager for the introduction of new processes
    • Business Analyst
    • Business Requirements Engineer, and
    • Coach

We will be glad to provide references on request.


No business stands still. On the contrary – usually, several projects are running simultaneously to enable you to stay a short head in front of the competition. New products and services are introduced, up-dates to the IT infrastructure or acquiring another business on strategic grounds: All these changes have one thing in common. To manage them successfully, a structured approach, the right tools and the most experience possible are indispensable requirements.

We have acquired this know-how and the experience in guiding many projects as

    • Project Manager / Programme Manager
    • Head of Project Office
    • Head of Project Assurance
    • Risk Manager
    • Business Process and Management Consultant.

We would be glad to provide references on request.