Product Development

Often, the genie cannot get out of the bottle. The absence of formal processes for the product development in most publishing houses is a serious deficit on the way to marketing good ideas. Many approaches are pursued over long periods by a small group without taking existing reliance on other areas into consideration. The latter are often revealed as a considerable obstacle or even a k.o. punch. In addition, the expense and the time required are enormously increased if each product innovation is dealt with as if it were a new unique project.
A firmly established process for product development ensures that all necessary steps are taken in the right order and with the contributions of all relevant persons. The time-to-market and the development costs are significantly reduced and higher product quality achieved at the same time. Or in other words: with the same resources, more products can be placed on the market in a shorter time, whether for test purposes or final introduction.
Kai Rutkowski has developed a detailed product development model for the specific requirements of newspapers and periodical publishers on the basis of real innovation projects. He uses this initially to define, on the basis of an analysis of the resources existing in the publishing house and the processes, an optimal to-be process and the organisational requirements for the product development and introduction.
Kai Rutkowski also supports the entire introduction of the product development process with workshops, coaching and training sessions which ensure an effective and trouble free application in day to day publishing.
Precisely in this implementation phase, publishing houses benefit particularly from Kai Rutkowski’s unique know-how combination of industry knowledge, process competence and profound technological knowledge. Furthermore, his outsourcing expertise identifies additional potential for product development which becomes accessible by outsourcing of business processes or IT.