Post Merger Integration Planing and Directing

Because of the strong tendency towards consolidation in the publishing industry, there is considerable pressure that merger projects succeed. With the closing, a phase of intensive work begins because the synergy gains aimed at must be achieved. In the organisation and the working processes, many changes are necessary: IT environment, business processes and value-added levels must be coordinated. Often extremely different corporate cultures and management styles have to be harmonised. All of this harbours conflict potential and it demands a great deal of readiness to change from all participants. These challenges, which are quite comparable with those of a reorganisation or restructuring, can only be surmounted with detailed planning, determined management and excellent communicative capacities.
Kai Rutkowski can refer to a convincing track record in national and international post merger integration projects. In the planning, he concentrates consistently on the objectives to be achieved and the measures necessary. Usually, a number of projects must be set up and synchronized.
Ideally, even before a merger, an implementation concept is developed, the feasibility of which is reviewed in the course of a merger due diligence. At this stage, the planning of approximately 80 % of all measures relevant to synergy is both realistic and desirable. Cost and benefits to be anticipated are ascertained and the business case updated in accordance with the progress of the transaction.
An integration master plan is derived from the implementation concept which precisely describes the necessary measurements and the time frame. Kai Rutkowski contributes his considerable experience advantage when prescribing both the quantity and the timing of the necessary implementation steps. The program thus developed ensures that all concerned can start the integration phase immediately after the closing.
Kai Rutkowski supports the actual integration depending on the requirements either as project head, program manager or project assurance. As program manager, he concentrates on the achievement of the strategic objectives behind the merger and ensures appropriate distribution of existing financial and personnel resources to the individual integration projects. As project assurance, the focus is above all on the continuous review of the business case and the progress of the project and on risk management. In all functions, he can optimally contribute his many decades of project experience in the publishing industry.