Business Model Generation

The generation of a business model is the ultimate challenge for media companies in mature markets. Increasing efficiency and reducing costs are alone not adequate to secure the business in the long term in view of the collapse of traditional sources of revenue. In day to day publishing practice, a systematic review of all options open to the company is often missing.

This is where viamedia consulting comes in to support the media company in generating a business model. On the basis of the method for business model generation developed by A. Osterwalder and Y. Peigneur, Kai Rutkowski together with leading media scientists conducts a series of workshops in the publishing house. This approach has four crucial advantages:

    • it bundles and documents the internal resources and ideas.
    • it feeds in the know-how of an acknowledged expert in the field on the business processes and technical conditions.
    • it integrates the most up-to-date results and prognoses of media research developed to recognised procedures.
    • it uses a method which excludes blind spots to a great extent because it integrates all relevant elements for the implementation of the business model.

The method can be applied for the entire business as well as for parts thereof and provides a detailed description of the business model with which the publishing house works in the future. It documents the use of existing customer bases and identifies customer segments to be approached and the necessary channels for this in each case. Key resources and key activities to be employed are precisely defined as well as the necessary key partners. The cost structures and revenue sources are also part of the analysis. The core is the preparation of the customer benefit to be provided for the defined target groups and its conversion into concrete product ideas. These ideas can be tested by a standardized product development process within a short time and brought to readiness for the market.