Business Impact Analysis

How much security does one need for an emergency? Mostly, the management strategy has critical gaps in spite of considerable security investment because the resources are not applied at the right place. A business impact analysis identifies unrecognised risks as well as the existing potential and enables targeted optimisation measures to be taken.
The business impact analysis investigates the business processes, the interruption of which would seriously affect or paralyse the business. Naturally, the spotlight falls on the IT resources which are necessary above all for publishing. The results of the analysis are the basis for the development of a disaster recovery strategy with the help of which business interruptions are avoided or held to a minimum when the unexpected happens.
As in the optimisation case, Kai Rutkowski can contribute his entire process and IT knowledge in the course of a business impact analysis. The analysis consists of the following steps:

    • identification of the business processes and functions in the publishing house and the resources involved
    • identification of dependencies between business processes and business areas
    • evaluation of the effects of a business processes disruption on the business
    • investigation or determination of the recovery times for the process and the recovery moment of the data necessary for the process

With this information, a plan for the continuation of the business through the disastrous event can be drafted to limit the financial loss to the extent possible. Kai Rutkowski also has wide ranging project experience in this area.